вторник, 18 апреля 2017 г.

Difficulty in life and gamedev

When life strike you in face it's hard to stay determined and motivated. I write game every day and now console works as needed (and some basic commands).

But when I has bad sleep difficulties will grow enormous and unavoidable. I drop Unity for this reason 6 months ago, and now I wish to return back. But why?

Game development is good thing and it helps stay motivated to do my daily job. When hard times comes - easy way out is looking preferable, but I still moving.

Maybe Unity will be used for next projects. But I shall stay determined and finish game. Current version 2.0 in development for half of year, 1.0 - 1.5 years and failed.

I have bad feeling, that it's needed to scrap 2-3 versions of game to get feeling and game play as I wish it to be. Only motivation is Phil Fish and John Blow - they stay determined and move forward because they love game dev and life can not stop them.