понедельник, 24 апреля 2017 г.

Basic commands and interpreter core ready

Debugging without seeing contents is very hard. Code review does not show full picture of issue.

Console with interpreter now help view the contents of data structures in real time.

When I saw that weapons created twice - after short looking at code found source of bug.

AppGameKit is framework. And it good at their job - hiding underlying complexity from, but untying my hands to do application architecture as it needed to be.

Memory management and game engine core is on me, but this get you in control. All errors, that arose from code will be yours (maximally). And this helps move forward.

Yes, it has quirks - working with shaders not so transparent, and creation/deletion does not well written in documentation. But it works.

Every engine/framework suks - in their unique way. Unity faster for development than AppGameKit, but when you have game engine ready - all things fit together nicely and speed equalises.

For me AppGameKit is good because I do not bump into engine frequently (2d physics in unity very frustrated me), and you have maximum control.

My games is very small and using big engine is not good at all. Big metafiles and meta db is quirk of unity.

Now I work on AppGameKit, but looking to Defold. Maybe, when I get tools ready for debugging and ingame editor working - game development will be moving faster.

But now I use AppGameKit and happy with it.

Adventure of learning new engines took two trophy: Defold and Godot. Good game engines with editor. Playing with them is fun, but I will know their quirks when work on big project for year or more.