пятница, 10 февраля 2017 г.

Ship explodes when no modules left

Now ship explodes when no modules left, spawning multiple explosions and debris

Ship can move around screen. I tested it with mouse fixed movement. All towers shoot to enemy module where on screen it found.

Also modules is moved with ship.

When you sense control on your creation then you feel good and motivated to move forward.
But one thing will help - determination and discipline. Every day I try to make boomtrix for 15-60 minutes. Maybe more.

And life is no excuse. I droped job, found new, exit again (or being forced to). But boomtrix is moving forward each day.

Maybe game is good way to escape from harsh life, maybe it motivational anchor, helping to move forward in life. But one thing I understand - creativity is good way to make you life brighter.

All other bad things happens and goes. And only your senses and attitude - that is matters.

Two years in development and I happy for each and every day of it. Yes, I changed engine to more simple one. But game is perfectly fit into mind and art same. So I will develop it further.

If all be good - game will be created on end of summer. I have gratitude to blizzard for their "Game will be shipped when it done". Polishing is very tedious and time consuming. And it will come to me after all mechanics and levels will fit together in game.