воскресенье, 22 января 2017 г.

Enemy platform and laser tracking

Playing with laser shooting and tracking enemy platform added. Now turrets follow target and shoot at it.

As seen in previous image lasers look at target and shoot at once. I will introduce shooting time for every laser for more realistic gameplay (every laser is object, and should handle state of shooting for itself)

Basically turret logic for rotating and shooting is implemented. Now I can concentrate on making hit points and testing it with explosions (lasers should display their hp also)

When you implement all game logic by yourself in procedural language, then you found yourself writing old fashioned OOP code over procedures/structures.

This level of control is good for understand what happens and where. I select AppGameKit because of it. In Unity my game made too complicated to keep in mind and UML diagrams does not solve problem, because code is evolving but keeping diagrams in line is tedious.