вторник, 19 декабря 2017 г.

Finally going to Steam

Two days ago I claim a refund for steam greenlight and they considered it and returned the money. I paid for the steam direct entrance fee.

After filling forms now I wait for tax/identity checking process. And hopefully, after this week I can go to steam and publish game myself.

Maybe I should hire a freelancer to make for me beautiful gameplay trailer. I wish to make a game in early access for 5-6 months to polish it on feedback and make it good for everyone.

And my main composite mechanic will be debugged and run again.

Some level design and polishing for my game and it will be considered finished.

I tried to go away from BoomTris, but it has a very tight couple with me. And I return to it regularly. Maybe this is "sunken cost fallacy" has power over me or another issue?

Maybe I wish to complete it.

Currently, I work on Great Syphon franchise (Ship builder - the first part of it), but after so generous Steam/Valve I decided to move to their store anyway.

If all going well I will contact my 3d artist and pay him a wage for some period before we complete game.

Wishes to make players happy with my game.

One small publisher page to me

So strange to see a small publisher go for a conversation with me. I do not advertise my game - only screenshots and video on the game developer forum.

After negotiating with him about communication process I'm very disappointed. He is rude and tries to be "too familiar" with me.

Why he need me? And what I wish for him? Only PR and promotion?

Currently, I go to Steam Direct and paid an entrance fee. BoomTris will be on Steam (soon). Steam now currently checking my identity and tax information.

I see, that I can self-publish a game. Maybe I will make a site for my company. Now need to decide hosting/cloud system for it.

I know Ruby/Rails and going to use Heroku/Engine Yard. But do not know how costly they can be.

Other hosters provide PHP, that I honestly dislike from my heart contents and avoid using it for 20 years.


суббота, 11 ноября 2017 г.

Hope revived, simplifying game and moving to publish it

When I start game, I presume to make it small with basic mechanics like fill the glass and combine them to bigger one.

But when I tried to experiment with new mechanics and hit by feature creep. Adding cards to spawn entities (bigger cannons and support modules) was an mistake.

Game tempo is dropped down (you need to search card and where you can place it, no more twitchy gameplay). And code complexity grows enormous.

I tried to figure out errors and find game unpleasant to test anymore, so I broke my passion and bored with it.

Now I decided to cut the crap out and return to basic twitchy mechanics. No more deep strategic thinking (I'm not so fast thinker also). Only action and fun.

Looking for platform to publish. Steam now accessible (one year and half in greenlight and nothing), but I presume to begin from another one. Itch.io or Humble store maybe. Gog or Origin?

Found new interesting game in space - Cosmoteer. Very thankfull for him. His primer give me hope to return back on rails.

Now I know to be humble and simple. Only basic mechanics and fast pased gameplay.
I remember that steam users said (toxic one):"You have mobile game and small content". And I listened to them, added lot of content and lose my spirit to move one.

Read Notch (Markus Persson) advice: "Do not listen for advices". Will use it now and take any mention with grain of salt.

Good to go again. Many small games in development at laboratory: Great Syphon series (idle, arena, tactics, shmup) and Tree of Life (management, with pc movement on ship) and some in plan.

Returning to BoomTris not to make it profitable. I understands "Sunken Cost Fallacy" and all time spend on it is very fun (at least first year before cards and content creep). But I want to bring it to as many people as I can.

I wish to make it free. Unfortunately I owe my 3d artist months of work and can not sell it as free. Maybe 3-4 dollars is good for price.

And all other stuff (cards, visual novell story multiplayer) goes to next releases.

четверг, 5 октября 2017 г.

Job resumed. Searching for publisher

Times is pretty interesting now. And self publishing is hard. I like to make a game and give others to push it on market and control sales.

Now I will find publisher for my game. And maybe it will ends good.
For publisher I should fix some bugs and show game in interesting state.

Code for nanolathe is broken and this is main feature of my game. Maybe I should figure out this.

Some awkward bugs is crawling through AI code. Cockpit is not under attack. So strange

вторник, 29 августа 2017 г.

Looking for Cosmoteer motivates

When I look at cosmoteer I wish to bring shine to my project Boomtrix. After I find job for full time (to feed family and pay mortgage and debts) then I can work on Boomtrix further.
Now I make small prototypes and games for learning purposes and bring back joy of game dev

четверг, 25 мая 2017 г.

Tired of it and must release

After some challenges in life I have decided to move from it project. Too much hurdle with jumping from gig to gig I found too hard to develop so difficult game in two languages.

I bring my working prototype - call it a level (all towers works (I hope so)) and push it.

Nothing more I wish to make to it. Maybe later I return with new knowledge and make it happens. But now I has no knowledge in puzzle/3-in a row mechanics and learning Unity/AGK with overhead of complex game mechanics too much for me now.

Taking medicine for 5 months now I wish to free myself from it. It works basically.

And it placed here: http://gamejolt.com/games/boomtrix/65677

Thank you for reading and supporting me with yours attention.

I wish make smaller scope games faster. I read this advice from many sources and now understand it.

Good luck and meet you in next games.

четверг, 11 мая 2017 г.

Console helps a lot, but complexity grows again

After console introduced I use it to display debug messages. It helps find source of error and remove it.

But internal complexity grows again. I have modules list and weapons/defense list each has link to module. By some bad reason I have trouble to position module. It moves towards removed one.

And hitting wall constantly removes motivation bit by bit. Maybe I should look into more cohesive design of code - all code without links in one structure.

Will see it. Git can help with experimenting.

понедельник, 24 апреля 2017 г.

Basic commands and interpreter core ready

Debugging without seeing contents is very hard. Code review does not show full picture of issue.

Console with interpreter now help view the contents of data structures in real time.

When I saw that weapons created twice - after short looking at code found source of bug.

AppGameKit is framework. And it good at their job - hiding underlying complexity from, but untying my hands to do application architecture as it needed to be.

Memory management and game engine core is on me, but this get you in control. All errors, that arose from code will be yours (maximally). And this helps move forward.

Yes, it has quirks - working with shaders not so transparent, and creation/deletion does not well written in documentation. But it works.

Every engine/framework suks - in their unique way. Unity faster for development than AppGameKit, but when you have game engine ready - all things fit together nicely and speed equalises.

For me AppGameKit is good because I do not bump into engine frequently (2d physics in unity very frustrated me), and you have maximum control.

My games is very small and using big engine is not good at all. Big metafiles and meta db is quirk of unity.

Now I work on AppGameKit, but looking to Defold. Maybe, when I get tools ready for debugging and ingame editor working - game development will be moving faster.

But now I use AppGameKit and happy with it.

Adventure of learning new engines took two trophy: Defold and Godot. Good game engines with editor. Playing with them is fun, but I will know their quirks when work on big project for year or more.

воскресенье, 23 апреля 2017 г.

Debug console is helpful tool.

After making console live with few commands I found bug and removed it faster.

So strange feeling when you look at your code and do not understand, why here duplicated code?

One thing bothers me bigger than others - growing difficulty of code not always as manageable as it should be.

Sometime looking at code and nothing comes to head - what to do next or other questions arise?

Feedback and visual progress is a must. When all tasks seen and subtasks written goal is seen clearer.

When you work on many projects - memory is bad assistant. Trello/HaknPlan boards help support it.

вторник, 18 апреля 2017 г.

Difficulty in life and gamedev

When life strike you in face it's hard to stay determined and motivated. I write game every day and now console works as needed (and some basic commands).

But when I has bad sleep difficulties will grow enormous and unavoidable. I drop Unity for this reason 6 months ago, and now I wish to return back. But why?

Game development is good thing and it helps stay motivated to do my daily job. When hard times comes - easy way out is looking preferable, but I still moving.

Maybe Unity will be used for next projects. But I shall stay determined and finish game. Current version 2.0 in development for half of year, 1.0 - 1.5 years and failed.

I have bad feeling, that it's needed to scrap 2-3 versions of game to get feeling and game play as I wish it to be. Only motivation is Phil Fish and John Blow - they stay determined and move forward because they love game dev and life can not stop them.

среда, 12 апреля 2017 г.

Enter text to debug console with shift

After tinkering with debug console text input and shifting of old text is introduced

Now I can make small interpreter of test commands for interaction with internal game engine.
In near future I'd like to implement console scrolling, command history and consistence between game sessions.

Debug language will be very simple and close to english. Basic commands: show, set, spawn, delete - will make me happy enough to be work on game faster.

Maybe some visual layers as seen in minecraft for debugging purposes can be created.

Short language is needed to introduce interpreter faster. Fast feedback is main cornerstone to be productive.

вторник, 11 апреля 2017 г.

Introduced console for debugging purposes

After debugging code for new ship creation I stuck into hidden information. Common decision to see debug information is shortcut and console.

I decided to make console. After that - it will get me ability to change game params during session. Debug overlay will be introduced later

Console shown and hidden as animated.

среда, 8 марта 2017 г.

Spawners make lasers in place

After work with spawner logic I made it to spawn lasers in each cell of grid.

You can see it in action. All lasers spawned and attack enemy on sight.

Basic mechanics fit to place and I will work on grid logic further. Current state of development is good for me. All logic is simple and handleable, and no more difficult search of "what is going on" for complex logic in game.

AppGameKit is good tool for small game. And I like to use it. If you have joy in using tool - project will be more delight to work on and likely to finish (I presume)

пятница, 10 февраля 2017 г.

Ship explodes when no modules left

Now ship explodes when no modules left, spawning multiple explosions and debris

Ship can move around screen. I tested it with mouse fixed movement. All towers shoot to enemy module where on screen it found.

Also modules is moved with ship.

When you sense control on your creation then you feel good and motivated to move forward.
But one thing will help - determination and discipline. Every day I try to make boomtrix for 15-60 minutes. Maybe more.

And life is no excuse. I droped job, found new, exit again (or being forced to). But boomtrix is moving forward each day.

Maybe game is good way to escape from harsh life, maybe it motivational anchor, helping to move forward in life. But one thing I understand - creativity is good way to make you life brighter.

All other bad things happens and goes. And only your senses and attitude - that is matters.

Two years in development and I happy for each and every day of it. Yes, I changed engine to more simple one. But game is perfectly fit into mind and art same. So I will develop it further.

If all be good - game will be created on end of summer. I have gratitude to blizzard for their "Game will be shipped when it done". Polishing is very tedious and time consuming. And it will come to me after all mechanics and levels will fit together in game.

понедельник, 30 января 2017 г.

среда, 25 января 2017 г.

Debris for explosion

After some tweaking with atlas introduced animated debris for explosion. Debris adds more realistic atmosphere to battle.

They animated, but has only 4 frames. For short lifespan it enough. Debris will be on screen only for 1 second.

Maybe debris should have trail for visual effect of explosion.

вторник, 24 января 2017 г.

HP bar now displays damage taken by armor

Developing live structures now visible. Hit point bar displayed and dimmed by shader by percent amount of damage taken

As seen in details - it only dims core texture to see it as 'damaged'.

One interesting thing happens. When I tried to set shader constant value from 0 to 1 it does not works. After some investigation I found valid range of (0,61..0,68). So strange behaviour.

But this hack works and I should move to next part of game. Maybe I do not understand how shaders handled in AppGameKit, but currently it enough to make special effects.

Some workaround is small price for ease of development.

воскресенье, 22 января 2017 г.

Enemy platform and laser tracking

Playing with laser shooting and tracking enemy platform added. Now turrets follow target and shoot at it.

As seen in previous image lasers look at target and shoot at once. I will introduce shooting time for every laser for more realistic gameplay (every laser is object, and should handle state of shooting for itself)

Basically turret logic for rotating and shooting is implemented. Now I can concentrate on making hit points and testing it with explosions (lasers should display their hp also)

When you implement all game logic by yourself in procedural language, then you found yourself writing old fashioned OOP code over procedures/structures.

This level of control is good for understand what happens and where. I select AppGameKit because of it. In Unity my game made too complicated to keep in mind and UML diagrams does not solve problem, because code is evolving but keeping diagrams in line is tedious.

понедельник, 9 января 2017 г.

Placing basic lasers on ship

After some research, I found tinypng.com and it decrease size of images drastically. (up to 79%)

Added lasers as objects and placed it on ship. Remember old good times when I should restart game/app to see some small changes. And this loop gives feedback needed for development continues

Lasers controlled by basic script. AGK is very procedural, but games is data driven anyway.

Good OOP practice is good for large team. It has it's own price - support this scaffold can be tedious and error prone. And after some time you can forget details. So you should write UML diagrams and update it with code. This applicable to Unity and Unreal.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle shines in all perfection - simple code written faster and has less bugs, and I can remember what it does only looking on it, not at all these UML diagrams.

This can be ridiculous to tweak small amount of pixels, but it very satisfying. Game development now shines again with this immediate feedback. And I have sense of programer, not only designer. So good sense of control.

пятница, 6 января 2017 г.

Basic lasers with movement and shot

Introduced tracking of mouse cursor for laser tower. Displayed laser shot from laser tip towards mouse.

Simple game needed to be created in simple tool. Unity too heavy for my small game. On AppGameKit I made this cannon in hours. Will look how much hours will be spent on making it with AI.

понедельник, 2 января 2017 г.

Introduced animated menu

Menu shows animated from right.

AppGameKit is easy to start with. Hope it helps me make me this game faster.

Now it shows highlighted when mouse hover over button. AGK is very programer friendly, but not for designers.

Pressing with highlighting and particles spawned.

I think, that something should be animated on menu. So it will be ships with random weapons and after introducing battle mechanics - small battle simulation (automatic)

воскресенье, 1 января 2017 г.

First steps with AGK

Defold is great engine, and I like it, but AppGameKit I use for year now and it pretty good also.

As you can see - logo developed in two hours looking good.


Demo online http://gamejolt.com/games/boomtrix/65677