понедельник, 28 ноября 2016 г.

Learning Defold for HTML5 game

After research I decided to move on Defold route. It easy to learn, has great community and manual. Qici is interesting one, but documentation and software make me feel dizzy - like using amateur tool.

Now learn it by making port of Everlasting Summer to HTML5.

Why this game? I love story and it easy enough (visual novell) to learn basics of engine. After finishing it (all images and story is borrowed from original game) I can move with boomtris along.

One thing bothers me - should I rename boomtris to boomtrix? Tetris corporation is bad people and sue for small part of name

четверг, 10 ноября 2016 г.

Decision of engine for HTML5 promo game

After playing with Unity I do not understand why WebGL export too heavy.

I like to make some promo games (and test some concepts for full game) and place it on gamejolt, kongregate, itch.io e.t.c.

Looking to another game engines I found QICI and Defold. QICI is build on top of Phaser (Pixi) and has Unity workflow. But it developed by one person, and I have bad issues with AppGameKit (mostly bones animation).

This can be heartbreaking when you develop game and one of needed functions breaks and no way to solve it in apropriate time.

So, I look at Defold. Defold is pretty interesting engine, written by King. So bug fixes will be fast (maybe) and lua language is easy one for learning.

If it will work for me, I develop BoomTris.Lite in it and place it free on the web. Suggestions then make my main game better one.

вторник, 1 ноября 2016 г.

Strugling with life and moving to Unity 5

After some strange situations, 3d artist catch silence. Maybe he waits for some money flowing. So will it be.

Problems in life is pretty interesting - quit current job and seeking for new one, and developing boomtris as relief.

For parallel loading of levels I need Unity 5. So will port it to new engine version. It has new good properties and actions, but many libraries does not port normally.

I will make barebones without external libraries (mostly). Will look how it happens.