пятница, 5 августа 2016 г.

Knee deep in debugging

I'm already debugged blueprints code, but occasionally lost it on old hdd. But now blueprints seems to be changing and working as prefered.

Some nasty bugs I have, already gone. But new one pop out from nowhere. So strange.

Some beamers move turrets when created. Some replace them. Why it happens - is mistery. Now investigating code for this bug source.

I'm ashamed about development of this game, but ductape can help with small "not know why, but if add +1 it will work" things.

Pretty strange bugs from normal code.
And good programmer inside of me is crying from this code. But I can not understand why basic logic does not work as expected. (+1) thing is very bad decision, but I can move project and push it some.

When trying to fix these kind of bugs as academist I lose my motivation. Game development must be fun activity, not mind boring as in enterprise.