суббота, 6 августа 2016 г.

Debug beamers

Working on beamer weapons without level context. I must debug it to work properly.

Basic beamers is working pretty good, but I have new vision - if beamers fixed, then ship must move up and down to reach enemies not in range of beamers or rotate around.

This mechanic can be very interesting to work with. But i should rotate camera also.

And I have some problems as well - square beamers must rotate and it can be pretty difficult to setup.

I have all towers ai inherited from tower ai. And core functionality of it - rotation of small towers. Maybe if I can lock rotation for specific towers - then I can detect enemies with basic algorithm.

Beamers detects enemies by simple raycast, but rotable beamers is simply big basic laser towers with pretty heavy damage on it.

So, I should introduce new mechanic -- rotate ship around by 60 degrees and see, how it looks.
And change beamers to be basic tower ai with rotation.