среда, 24 августа 2016 г.

суббота, 13 августа 2016 г.

Large square beamers works

After some tinkering I found a way to introduce two row beamers and more to rotate and clear enemies.

It is promising new mechanic for heavy weapons. Static beamers can break composition logic.

I have statically place enemies on grid. But static beamers sometime placed between grid rows and useless. Yes it has very high damage, but it should be placed straight in line of enemy ship - then it worth upgrading.

Maybe beamers should be used in board to board battle with large enemy ships?
My main idea - battle of large ships board to board as in star wars (battle on Coruscant).

And now I have to rethink main tower to have more fun. So strange ways game changes itself when you trying to play it.

среда, 10 августа 2016 г.

Strange unity bug

When I made bug in a code (special string '***' for compiler to show me next time where I was) Unity is break loading and trying to load default layout. It does not try to compile normal unity test tools and this is very frustrating.

I should change my programing habits for unity sake. It is disappointing.

суббота, 6 августа 2016 г.

Strange beamer behaviour.

I copy code from GridTowerAI to TowRowBeamWeaponAI and it should work, but it has not.

So strange, when you have good and working code. Use it and nothing happens.

Maybe some deep internal dependencies not met? But it compiles and run.

When game grows too many classes make head spin: which one I should apply here, where I can borrow some functionality, can it apply to new situation.

Tower AI is pretty simple and straighforward: I search for nearest target (and should move this logic to Strategy pattern), then look at it and attack. Laser tower works perfectly. But two row beamer ignores target completely.

Bug hunting not fun activity at all. Maybe I can find gamification way to make it prettier?

Debug beamers

Working on beamer weapons without level context. I must debug it to work properly.

Basic beamers is working pretty good, but I have new vision - if beamers fixed, then ship must move up and down to reach enemies not in range of beamers or rotate around.

This mechanic can be very interesting to work with. But i should rotate camera also.

And I have some problems as well - square beamers must rotate and it can be pretty difficult to setup.

I have all towers ai inherited from tower ai. And core functionality of it - rotation of small towers. Maybe if I can lock rotation for specific towers - then I can detect enemies with basic algorithm.

Beamers detects enemies by simple raycast, but rotable beamers is simply big basic laser towers with pretty heavy damage on it.

So, I should introduce new mechanic -- rotate ship around by 60 degrees and see, how it looks.
And change beamers to be basic tower ai with rotation.

пятница, 5 августа 2016 г.

Knee deep in debugging

I'm already debugged blueprints code, but occasionally lost it on old hdd. But now blueprints seems to be changing and working as prefered.

Some nasty bugs I have, already gone. But new one pop out from nowhere. So strange.

Some beamers move turrets when created. Some replace them. Why it happens - is mistery. Now investigating code for this bug source.

I'm ashamed about development of this game, but ductape can help with small "not know why, but if add +1 it will work" things.

Pretty strange bugs from normal code.
And good programmer inside of me is crying from this code. But I can not understand why basic logic does not work as expected. (+1) thing is very bad decision, but I can move project and push it some.

When trying to fix these kind of bugs as academist I lose my motivation. Game development must be fun activity, not mind boring as in enterprise.