вторник, 26 июля 2016 г.

Real life interfere with game dev. But it still going

After third client accepts my permanent services I have smaller time to work with game.
But self-discipline is good when you doing same thing in same time.

I have one-two hour from start of work to push BoomTris forward.

And I have some progress towards. Blueprint facility was broken, now working again. Some minor glitches of positioning blueprint higlight over grid. But it works and I have ability to select and use it.

Now I should debug blueprint spawning and big towers is full with bugs. Bug hunting is pretty boring, but need to be done.

So, blueprints as idea is good one. But it bind my progress for half of year. Maybe I should made game with only one mechanic of droping towers. But upgrades and big towers is very important and it is main idea of game.

I think, that year of development (in April) is not so big period of time. Many games developed as partial time effort takes 2-5 years of development.

And now it as work. But pretty interesting to play with.

For motivation sake I participate in ludum dare event. And it was awesome. Too many game designers and good games.

I think, that blueprints can be debugged in next two months.