пятница, 10 июня 2016 г.


I installed unit tests but unable to use it. It show errors and must be fixed. But why? It is should work pretty well.

Tests is running. And now I should add tests for TowerController for blueprints testing.

But which test to write first?
Should I use assertion components?

Too much information to handle. I should step easily.

For testing tower controller I should setup it with blueprint manager. And blueprint manager should be setup also.
So, I should test from beginning.

TowerController depends on BlueprintManager
BlueprintManager depends on Blueprint

So, I should check from start.

I need to find a way to instantiate by name. Then I can test my blueprints from designed one.

It can instantiate from resources. So I should make them move to resources folder.

Successfully instantiated. Now I should check blueprint for work and move it to startup.

And I should check availability for every blueprint. So common code is good to be in tests.

First checking beamer 1x2 for normal and extended pattern. I should check empty pattern and rotated one to fail