суббота, 21 мая 2016 г.

Moving toward classic tower defense

Classic tower defense with upgrades

Juggling around with mechanics I found, that simply placing in one column of tower is pretty boring. So, dig up on my experiments and extracted spawner and selectors for multiple towers and multiple places (columns)

This layout can help build ship as you want to. And it can help to provide normal nanolathing.

Simply towers can be upgraded in hangar between battles, but bigger towers must be combined in field. And blueprints drops will be interesting. You have steady flow of big cannons, but rare one can be obtained by destroying enemies.

Added reticule for mouse to show where to shoot tower on cockpit. At last ship is not defenceless when run out of energy and towers.

суббота, 14 мая 2016 г.

Added hand controlled tower for player pleasure

After searching about new ways to improve gameplay. And hand controlled tower is added:

When playing I found, that it is pretty fun to play with. Time until next energy must be filled with action.

пятница, 13 мая 2016 г.

Readable towers for new graphics

New towers too photorealistic for abstract game. I should find and use outline shader for towers.

Readability increases but with cost. Outline shader unable to work with bump mapping materials:

As seen on night mission all tower is visible, and does not accepts light as bump mapping. Maybe I should work on more simplistic abstract game.

Photorealistic graphics too much burden for basic game.

Partial work and game dev. Difficult path

When family needs arises, I should work on more clients. And game development hinders from it. But trying to work on game at morning is pleasing and motivating.

Improving gameplay in between of jobs

Playing game I found that game is boring when waiting for energy filling.

And one idea come to mind: ship will have one invincible cannon, that fully hand controlled. You select the enemy and it will shoot.

Player must click periodically to enforce cannon to shoot an enemy which you want.
After level you can upgrade the cannon or replace it for bigger one.