вторник, 12 января 2016 г.

Card dissipation introduced

After some thinking about blueprint instantiation decided to boost my mood with special effect. Atomizer unity plugin is really cool.

After adding I have new energy to work with. And it's looking fun.

When I introduce combination (nano-lathing) of modules, Atomizer will be used as lathe special effect (growing from bottom to up). This can add depth to game.

Developing game as a hobby is very interesting and fun activity. But when artist found me all changes. Now I have to make this game. His hopes turned upside down, but this is nothing.

I wish to make game. When previous alpha releases was played by family and coworkers - these senses was awesome.

Making game as hobby is very fun, but it must not go to professional route.

I wish to make smaller games. This game so big. I do not understand it when started. And now it should be done.