суббота, 14 ноября 2015 г.

Enliven gameplay

After some play sessions I decide to enliven game-play with levels of inplace spawning and crafting. This can help craft any blueprint of big cannon and spawn big modules.

Disabling physics also provide new feeling of game.

N-Minoes falling level
I think about usages of mono-,do-,tri-,tetro-,pento- minoes. Main game idea - dropping and rotating n-minos and fit them in place. Then color specify what will be spawned: blue - laser, green - cannon, red - missiles, gold - armor e.t.c

This is main game idea. When started game I in process of learning unity. Now when knowledge gain is significant - n-minoes will be tried in game.

Here is idea how it will look in game:

This core idea very me and fun. Investigation of legal risks about Tetris LLC, I found, that if game different enough (compared side by side), they can not sue you.

Falling and rotating blocks and n-minoes can not be copyrighted and patented. So I wish to work toward implementation of this idea (first and long waiting) in the game.