среда, 4 ноября 2015 г.

Developing online part2

With open broadcasting software I try to test level changer logic and make it work.

Currently I try to make translations. In future these online translations and development will be anounced on twitter @sortie4.

Listening myself is very rediculuos. Slow and funny. After some time I will adapt and work as usual.

Video broadcasting is fun. You can sense other people around here. Loneliness is pretty bad thing.

When you develop yourself to specific level in your craft - so small people can talk with you and understand what you said.

Maybe this is reason why I trying to make my video logs and online sessions. Need to meet new friends and talk with them.

So, I happy that you read it and look at my video. Thank you, you're awesome.

I wish to develop boomtris online most time.