четверг, 19 ноября 2015 г.

Developing game can be frustrating

Today is rainy day and difficult to start an editor. Youtube eat time from gamedev. But it is very boring after time.

Launched game and played it. It has bugs, but mostly game is pretty fun. But I want to make it more puzzle like. How I imagined in my head - falling blocks, that form larger blocks and converted/nanolathed at wish or automatically.

Joy of game to see how enemy is blow apart with your cannons. But main idea definitely has more depth. You should think where and which module to spawn, to get more powerful module.

Let's try implementing dominoes and triminoes logic before tetraminoes and pentaminoes.

Too difficult to understand how to make movement and rotation to GUI for touch control. Maybe buttons, maybe swipes. I will think about it. But currently introduce buttons.