суббота, 14 ноября 2015 г.

Debugging level changer and tower selector

Level changing logic is pretty complex. And main work interfere with game production. But trying to play every day keep me motivated enough to work on it.

Added background music for tower selector scene and click sound for each button.

I think, that on click button must have particle effect and color wave. Will think about it. Shaders and particle systems for it will be very UI specific and interesting to write.

Here you can listen music for this scene:

Added all module kind to selection. And now will work on spawners for these modules/towers.

Three module per level is boring. I try to add 6 or 9 kind simultaneously to improve gameplay and make it more fun.

Also planned gifts from bosses - big cannons, that you can materialize in level. Received as bonus for good fight in rounds before. Will stay until used (to end of level) or destroyed by enemy.

Only bigger ship provide ability to construct large and heavy weapons.