понедельник, 12 октября 2015 г.

Introduced parallax scrolling and day/night cycle

After good weekend work I introduce parallax scrolling with some clouds and cargo ships to bring more life to scene.

 As you can see now game has more interesting visual part.

Some experimentation give me idea to remove numbers from timeout and add blinds that open up until module is ready.
Experiments with day/night cycle add some idea about night levels.
You can see mouse guided point light when original sun light is go away. It is fun, when you do not know who attacking you until move cursor over their ship

In this video - gameplay with two levels: tutorial 1 - basic controls and tutorial 2 - nanolathe introduction:

Full day from 10am to 11:50pm to upgrade game visuals and make some interesting things to happen. Very joyful experience.