пятница, 25 сентября 2015 г.

New UI style for tower selector screen

Artist drawn new UI images and now it looks more interesting.
After croping and attaching to scene it looks cool:

Now UI more readable and usable. I will test it and add after tutorial levels.

For future scenes: blueprints, upgrades and ships also have new ui idea. Tomorrow will refit all images on these scenes.

Prototypes looks like:
Ship selector window
Here will be placed list of available ships and their characteristics: nanofactories count, energy potential, hull strength and cost.

 Blueprints window
Will display which blueprints now available to work with and select them for use in next game level.

In game UI

 Here you can see text window with attached to it avatar window and minimap of next enemy. To left - support buttons, from top - towers/modules to use.

New UI looks pretty and I will use it later in unlock scene and between scene dialogs.