четверг, 17 сентября 2015 г.

Level with energo shield and missile strike

Implemented new level with energy shield. In battle it proves self usefulness. Halving damage from these pesky rockets and mostly shrug off laser beams.

Mostly helps win game without support. But sometime missile strike support is handy. Main problem with shields I have - define how much damage it will consume before destruction and percent of damage redirected from modules.

Shield life is also difficult matter to deduce. Too small and it is not useful at all. Too big and one shield sit here forever and no need to upgrade it to later versions.

Shielding area transformed from up only to down and up (in mk3) and take cover for cockpit. Mostly cockpit is the module we must defend, but shield sit above it and do nothing about defending most crucial part of ship.

Maybe later we can upgrade cockpit to have self energy shield. But now it will use shielding module.

Double nanofactories
I wished to use double nano-factories, but wish to use it as upgrade, that player can use later in game. But for tutorial (and learning) reason it must be shown to player for rise interest of exploration.