среда, 30 сентября 2015 г.

Developed new ship and made rough menu prototype

Artist modeled new ship: Fregate Seth. Two decks ship more versatile and big than good old corvete Nemesis.

 As seen below - new ship is bigger and has more room to play with. It can contain big weapons now. Beamers and heavy cannons, and missile racks.
 And I will add it to ship hangar. It will be opened after first chapter.

Basically new ship is two first ships in one piece. With bigger energy generator and hull strength.

Menu prototype
Menu looks like

Now I can concentrate to make game playable from start to finish. And it will have leader board.

New logo introduced
 Artist drawn new logo and it's awesome

Now game will fit in shape. And in near future new demo with new graphics and mechanics will be accessible.