вторник, 4 августа 2015 г.

Strange sense when your game is reviewed

Russian game development (gamedev.ru) community has review about my game. http://www.gamedev.ru/projects/forum/?id=204261 (Tip: russian only, sorry)

And honestly saying I'm nervously await what reviewer can say about my game.

Mostly positive words encourage me to step into development again.
He says: "Do not evaluate book by cover" and "If artist can help this game will please players with interesting gameplay".

How kind he is. And after review I have artist knocking at my door and  wishing to work together.

This is wonderful feeling about game, when something notice it.

P.S: But strange bugs in game is resolved (second weapon broken, first enemy do not attack at all) and I sense shame about it. I tested it thoroughly and missed this bug. Sometime hastiness work against me.