понедельник, 31 августа 2015 г.

Developing first level in game

Decided to move further, I made first level with basic controls and very limited modules count (laser and armor).

Player will teach how to play our game. And simple 5 round game with easy opponent can help.

Our artist made new shiny ship and I wish to look at it closer. And refactoring UI with help tool tips.

When battle begins we can see enemy in details. And battle become more interesting.

Camera movement is very interesting trick. But difficult to master. Currently I'm working on pan in/out for more details and all fleet on screen.

понедельник, 24 августа 2015 г.

вторник, 18 августа 2015 г.

New graphics introduced into gameplay

After experimenting with RAIN and getting multithread NullPointer error (in rain sensors) I rolled back my AI. Now it used with new graphics.

You can look in action for this gameplay:

Artist working on background and I hunt for bugs and thinking about heavy cannons usage in corvette Nemesis-X1.

Some basic changes and corvete will support heavy cannons.

After some testing we found that hangar where you can apply modules before starting and saving last modules for next missions ( and consume them for better one in hangar ) can be fun.

Gameplay must be tested thorougly thought. Tester easily win game three times. But I'm and artist can not beat it every time.

среда, 12 августа 2015 г.

Pirates redrawn and replaced

Artist redrawn pirate ships and now we have cool looking pirates.

These colors is for colorblind (my trait). And artist will make more interesting palette.

Pirate ships so tense positioned. Will change zoom of camera to fit them all.

вторник, 11 августа 2015 г.

Corvette nemesis X1 redrawn.

Now artist finished modeling corvette Nemesis-X1. Looking cool and in game it feels good.

When added normal maps, lighting and placed in level it looks like:

So, game now fit into shape and after backgrounds will be painted it will look gorgeous.

Planning add this ship to shop.

воскресенье, 9 августа 2015 г.

Demo with new graphics done (no AI)

I glad to present to you, that new graphics incorporated into a game and demo with it can be played.

Link:  v.0.33 with new graphics (no AI)

After introduction of RAIN AI problems with game arises. Asynchronous work of RAIN sensors hit me in back. When destroying enemy error occurs (NullPointer). Will rethink AI to my old and stable one.

Here is demo: (buggy - enemies and cannons does not attack, but spawning and composition working)

Wait till loaded. I will add new progress indicator for loading and optimize graphics a bit for smaller video memory footprint. Currently settings can help with it.

 I show this demo for you, because I like the new style of graphics artist give to me:

Main menu:

суббота, 8 августа 2015 г.