вторник, 28 июля 2015 г.

Refactoring is tar death pit

I'm working alone and many times I stumble about refactoring. You fall into death spiral when you refactor for refactoring sake. And many work gone without result.

Maybe refactoring must be done in specific amount of time? Exit condition for game, and when you not met it - you must drop changes and return back to normal coding?

Refactoring good thing to make code cleaner. But functionality - what matters. 

I'm academic programer: plan ahead and work on it. When see agile programing first time I wonder: "How it can be useful?"

Trying to work as it directs provide me with many difficulties. Test first is nonsense and I lose my speed considerably. Refactoring can drown you if not stopped in time. 

Maybe as OOP it for big teams?