понедельник, 27 июля 2015 г.

I should lower my expectation

Developing game is difficult activity.

But when new ideas fly you wonder: "Wonderful, I will try it". Some months later you understand, that idea worthless and you must pass it.

And it is very hard decision to make. You have invested your heart and thoughts, time and vision. With these anchors it is very sticky to your mind.

I feel like drop your pet away (or maybe child?).

BoomTris is interesting game, but features I like to introduce much more current level of knowledge of mine.

I leave it and walk away. Return and play. But when I try to make next step something stopped me.

Drop current work and return to basic is difficult to decide. I will end functions in development.

This is hard part of game development. You become too linked to your creation, and can not easily drop it (cut it).

I wish to end it. And it will be done.