вторник, 28 июля 2015 г.

Refactoring is tar death pit

I'm working alone and many times I stumble about refactoring. You fall into death spiral when you refactor for refactoring sake. And many work gone without result.

Maybe refactoring must be done in specific amount of time? Exit condition for game, and when you not met it - you must drop changes and return back to normal coding?

Refactoring good thing to make code cleaner. But functionality - what matters. 

I'm academic programer: plan ahead and work on it. When see agile programing first time I wonder: "How it can be useful?"

Trying to work as it directs provide me with many difficulties. Test first is nonsense and I lose my speed considerably. Refactoring can drown you if not stopped in time. 

Maybe as OOP it for big teams? 

понедельник, 27 июля 2015 г.

I should lower my expectation

Developing game is difficult activity.

But when new ideas fly you wonder: "Wonderful, I will try it". Some months later you understand, that idea worthless and you must pass it.

And it is very hard decision to make. You have invested your heart and thoughts, time and vision. With these anchors it is very sticky to your mind.

I feel like drop your pet away (or maybe child?).

BoomTris is interesting game, but features I like to introduce much more current level of knowledge of mine.

I leave it and walk away. Return and play. But when I try to make next step something stopped me.

Drop current work and return to basic is difficult to decide. I will end functions in development.

This is hard part of game development. You become too linked to your creation, and can not easily drop it (cut it).

I wish to end it. And it will be done.

суббота, 18 июля 2015 г.

Planning is good to think at first

Found kanban system for planning and playing with it.
Trello help me with my game, but feature creep flooding my efforts with endless stream of ideas.

I must to concentrate on small subset. And I will show this game as Kongregate/Gamejolt free. When game will be done I try to make new steam greenlight company.

Marketing is difficult part of gamedev.

пятница, 17 июля 2015 г.

It must be finished soon (chapter 1)

My struggle with new game mechanics take me out of developing game itself. Feature creep push me back to swamp of bug hunting every time new shiny feature is pop out as idea in head.

But when I look back I see, this process is endless. For this reason I decide to cut features and make game from current mechanics.

New and shiny one will be moved to version 2.0 (chapter 2) of BoomTris (New Horizons).

Hope this can help me release game in July 2015.
Some mistakes very costly.
My price is motivation and self esteem and it bigger than money.

Good God help me to finish this game in time and ship it.

понедельник, 13 июля 2015 г.

Motivation surge

When this bug was squashed I think that now I can make the levels and use mechanic to make more interesting game.

But long hunt change some goals and I was stopped and reevaluate goals.

So true, that games must be developed in short cycles. When you have immediate feedback on your activity - it is very motivating. And you can move further.

But big feature implemented and tested in one piece drop interest to ground.

I'm sure this mistake can make me stronger. Now need to plan releases each two weeks.

Game development so interesting and educating.

воскресенье, 5 июля 2015 г.

Finally bug is gone

This strange bug, when code seems valid, but not working properly eliminated.

Bug reason: Unity has left-right top-bottom, and C#: left-right bottom-top coordinate system. When I revert all works fine.

Now I can change them to big weapons.

суббота, 4 июля 2015 г.

Debugging become boring

I made new feature about complex composition. But when trying to display where it will be placed I hit the wall of misunderstanding.

My programer skills provides me with this basic formula for calculation of highlight position.

But when I trying to use it in game I have unpredictable results:


After some analysis I come to idea, that I need to solve it on paper before. Fixing from this point must be obvious.

Trying to debug so hard I lose fun and patience. Game must be played when developed. Testing is main developer tool.

But this bug is very annoying. Two weeks of work and it become clearer, that I does not understand Unity internals. Basic math code does not work.

This is hard part of gamedev. And now harder to resist go to another fun part of game to push it to completion.