четверг, 11 июня 2015 г.

Core mechanic about composition and artistic deadlock

Development going slower than I expect.
Why it is? Maybe ideas boiling and not ready to consume.

Current mechanic of combining working and I test them thoroughly. UI is buggy. One thing working but another (same) fails.

I want to end this game and make new great ideas come to live. But I must crunch this game.

When I started development this was simply experimentation about game design and  Unity. But now I know something in these areas and simply must take mine words about time.

Or maybe I will change release date to later? This question is difficult to decide.

I do not like alpha-funding model. You promise that can not be done in near future. And now I have no obligations.

Blizzard is good at it. "Game will be done as it completely done".

Maybe I should use this model?

My family likes how game development going and shout their ideas. Mostly wife - she very supportive (and I love her).

And now she has new game ideas (interesting one) and motivating me to finish this one to begin new.

This is good thing in family. They can support you and motivate to make things happens.

Gamedev should be fun. And no pressure is best for creativity. Some constraints will shape game and cut exceeds.

This combination mechanic is last one in current state of game. Then I add levels and market and ship prototype to kongregate.

Steam game will be developed further with more content. But it will be next chapter: "BoomTris - New horizons"