пятница, 1 мая 2015 г.

Balancing new weapons

We have struggle to balance this too powerfull weapons with weaknesses (cooldown time, energy consumption e.t.c).

When we make it on test scene - it was fun to look how fast they destroy wall of armour. But when we try to introduce enemies, all of them perishes in seconds. This make small enemies worthless. Need huge fleet of small enemies to overcome heavy cruiser with flak/frag cannons. And bigger enemies also vulnerable to cumulative shells and armor piercing rounds.

Introducion of nuke missile make things worse. Even big enemy with escort of fighters can withstand two-three nuke strikes.

In this difficult situation we think about challenging player. Easy game is not fun at all.

We made one big mistake - introduce too much content at once. When we realised it, then trying to find decision. And Markuss Persson development model (for ludum dare) provide with inspiration.

Make small changes, then test. Make new changes and test again. And repeat.

When too much modules on hand, balancing it frustrating. Game is not only visual, but gameplay is core.

And now we think, what to cut off, and what to make in next release.