пятница, 29 мая 2015 г.

Upgrade card for blueprint templates now automatically selects

At last this bug is squashed. This is true RPG-esque bug hunt now ended. Blueprint templates now selects automatically when modules fell down.

Interesting in it - how magically it fit into game. When player drop down modules and see upgrades for this combination of modules it is very energising.

Curiosity is powerful motivator. So we make this modules (for heavy weapons) accessible only by upgrades. And user will combine them as s/he want.

Our subconscious is very powerful thing. Ten days fighting with bug with no sign of result and now - it become clear how to squash bug.

We think this will last mechanic before our next release (this version take too long to make), so we concentrate on polishing this version and ship it.

вторник, 26 мая 2015 г.

Found blueprints for beamers

After some hours of debugging we introduced displaying of found blueprints templates for upgrades.

Now upgrades mechanic moves to completion.

After implementing display of template over modules and details card information, we can replace underlying modules/weapons with more powerful one.

This mechanic will be main for our game. And all scenario will be grown from this core.

Unlock of base modules is working, now we think about obtaining upgrade blueprints (and manage them visually) for powerful modules.

понедельник, 25 мая 2015 г.

Upgrade deck UI and blueprint templates

Implemented upgrade deck with animated UI.

Now blueprint templates for heavy weapons can be selected. Module dimension is shown inside (filled blocks) and kind of upgrade is highlighted on mouse over.

We introduce animation for blueprint template card selection and arrival. As seen in video:

After that we will display big details card for current upgrade (gray big card as template) and show highlighted area where changes will be applied.

суббота, 16 мая 2015 г.

Reading blueprint templates

For blueprint facility application I need to make grid checking.

After some work I found, that blueprint grid is validly registered and received when fit in template.

But one bug appear again. So pesky immortal bug. Squashed in level before (corvete level) now show again.

It (+1) nature is very annoying. I check module position base on grid origin. And shift in one pixel can make difference. Why this happens again?

I think that grid controller need upgrade and more clever algorithm of module placement in module grid.

пятница, 15 мая 2015 г.

Blueprints facility working

At last I made the blueprint facility to register and receive blueprint from template. And all blueprints, that fit into template also selected.

How difficult it was. I think and think three days in row. But decision come to me when I relax and look in another direction.

Collecting ideas and thinking on them can help to decide difficult problems from current stuck project.

This why I love programing (and game development). You face difficult challenges and do not know how to overcome them. But eventually decision pops out

четверг, 14 мая 2015 г.

Blueprints must be easier

When I think about making blueprint facility and trying to figure out difficult but generalistic algorithm - idea pops out.

I have only 50 upgrades and basic iteration can make it fast. How Knuth said: "Premature optimization - root of all (programing) evil".

Why I try to make complex one is mystery? And again, and again. Maybe fails does not learn anything to me?

For this reason I like to make it simply as I can. Stuck in complex one I lose my confidence in game. Let drop it and go easier way.

If performance will be sluggish I can figure out optimization. Sad to understand, but mine mind not so fast and agile as teenager. Must select easier paths to goal.

понедельник, 11 мая 2015 г.

Blueprint facility

Currently working on blueprints for upgrade deck. 

When I can register it more visually it will be good. I think, usage of big letters for unknown is not good.

After thinking I can provide it with another more readable method:

Now it more easily understood how modules must combine to provide new powerful module.

I have simply crafting (only two neighbors taken in account) and second is destroyed for upgrading first. But with heavy weaponry I need more powerful crafting.

This blueprint facility can provide it.

воскресенье, 10 мая 2015 г.

Installing upgrade deck in game

We work on game-play part of upgrade deck. When code is ready it will automatically detect available upgrades and show them (random) in upgrade deck. Up to 7 cards.

When you click it, it will highlight towers, which will be upgraded and show description of new module to spawn after them.

UI looking pretty cluttered. We will refactor it to more readable later.

пятница, 8 мая 2015 г.

Upgrade deck

I decide to make upgrade deck. All heavy towers can be crafted from current configuration is shuffled and seven cards selected.

When user hover on card details view displayed. And on game field marks show where it can be applied.

User can select and click it. Upgrade will be applied.

I think about undo button. Can user easily rollback action or need to pay some energy for nano-lathe to split weapon to smaller?

Bigger is details card, shown after press smaller (right) shown in deck. Down right is UI for upgrade deck.

Will see how it works.

четверг, 7 мая 2015 г.

Heavy missile turrets

Made heavy missile turrets with medium missiles.

They rotate slower than small turrets but deal much more damage with medium rockets. I think they can be refit with another kind of missiles also.

But balance will be broken if I introduce baby nukes for them. Too difficult to decide how many missiles launch per second and which to use. Medium missiles deal enough damage to destroy walls in two hits, but baby nukes destroy them in one hit (only range is limited).

And cluster missiles can spam defence with small rockets. Maybe cluster missiles also can be selected when making this tower from smaller ones.

среда, 6 мая 2015 г.

Composable big weapons

When developing current big weapons I have hard time to make it work again and again.

All logic from it basically identical. But art must be drawn for each of 1xN, 2xN, ..., MxN.
I think that will be easier to make this towers images when it needed and cache it.

Unity has buttons, made this way. You have image with static corners, stretchy/repeated borders and wrap around texture for center.

Introduction of this function can help lower effort next time I want to make bigger weapon. And it will be easy to do. Only dimensions will be said and software generate it from underlying texture.

And division of rotable/static weapons is easy: rectangular - static, square - rotable.

Missiles can use this mechanic also. It simply has wide rectangle with zooming out borders (each stage has smaller wings).

After I implement all missile weapons and nanolathe them in place, this idea will be developed.

понедельник, 4 мая 2015 г.

AI rig for static missile launchers

Well good to say, static missile launchers now has AI for it. And support for multiple missile kinds.

It will launch one missile per command and all works well, thanks to RAIN{indie} and Unity.

When you have code base, introducing new mechanics can be easier. You only combine new behaviour from old ones. Small tweaks cost not so much.

Fixed baby nukes. Now it has more power and explosion radius. Special effect also bigger.
Cluster missiles now deal medium damage.

Tweaking gameplay mechanics so fun. You play gamedev with Unity.

One of the best features of unity - make changes during play and see what happens. You can pause also.

When I develop games with Delphi/GlScene - this feature will in my dreams alone. 

Baby nukes

We introduce baby nukes. This weapon not so lethal as nukes, but has enough damage to thinning enemy lines.

This weapon can be launched from static launchers. Player will choose which kind of missile to spawn during reload process.

Bigger weapons get some problems to solve: balance, timing, ability to control by hand.

воскресенье, 3 мая 2015 г.

Cluster missile

We introduce cluster missile. It spawns multiple missiles when flight and does medium damage on collision.

We made this missile to cover wide area of enemy lines and loosen their defences. Damage is not so much, but it is equally spaced between them.

Energy cost for this missile much less than for nuke one. And game can spawn it automatically (after cooldown as each heavy weapon has).

Nuclear missile

We introduce nuclear missile. "Slow death", how we tag it.

It worth to make them. So fun to see enemies vaporized in thin air. We currently debates on guidance. Do we need to make it automatic, or player can click on enemy to target?

Nuclear explosion

We work on big and medium explosions. Currently introduced nuclear explosion

As seen  in action, it vaporize small enemies in big range.

This weapon is devastating, so we need to tune it down by increasing cooldown time and greater energy consumption for construction.

When idea first comes to introduce nuclear weapon, we can not get to common thought. Does it need to be horizontal (as seen), or use depth and introduce only gate to launchpad of missile?

We will try to work with this one and see what works well.

пятница, 1 мая 2015 г.

Procedural content

We're thinking hard about procedural enemies for our game. In current state we have 12 enemy types and game randomly choose them to form attacking fleet. But when we can make it dynamically, things can be more interesting.

More enemy types introduce variativity to gameplay. Strategy to overcome laser fighter fleet is kicked out by group of armoured missile freegates.

And when we draw some of these enemies, idea pop up about composite weapons. We now have multislot weapons. But it predefined (and prerendered). If we can make weapons combinable also gameplay will be more immersive.

Balancing new weapons

We have struggle to balance this too powerfull weapons with weaknesses (cooldown time, energy consumption e.t.c).

When we make it on test scene - it was fun to look how fast they destroy wall of armour. But when we try to introduce enemies, all of them perishes in seconds. This make small enemies worthless. Need huge fleet of small enemies to overcome heavy cruiser with flak/frag cannons. And bigger enemies also vulnerable to cumulative shells and armor piercing rounds.

Introducion of nuke missile make things worse. Even big enemy with escort of fighters can withstand two-three nuke strikes.

In this difficult situation we think about challenging player. Easy game is not fun at all.

We made one big mistake - introduce too much content at once. When we realised it, then trying to find decision. And Markuss Persson development model (for ludum dare) provide with inspiration.

Make small changes, then test. Make new changes and test again. And repeat.

When too much modules on hand, balancing it frustrating. Game is not only visual, but gameplay is core.

And now we think, what to cut off, and what to make in next release.