среда, 1 апреля 2015 г.

Weird logic in RAIN

Why I can not use game object? Why I need to check internal object to work with?

When I make all config by hands it works, but when I try to instantiate it - suddenly strange things happen. Core gameobject, that shoot enemies (tower) is undefined. But why? I only set it up in code before activation.

Inet say, that here is another method - use gameObject update (PlayerTower) script to find, when need to attack. But when I make it - RAIN make me attack it constantly.

Something wrong with timers. Simply as is: wait 1sec before attack, set attacking variable, wait some attack time and reset it back. Nothing difficult. But my tower fire twenty times in a row.

Why so strange behaviour? Preferrably we need another AI system if I can not overcome RAIN weirdness today.