среда, 1 апреля 2015 г.

Laser AI is done (again) with RAIN, but we have some strange physics problems

After all I decide problem with RAIN AI. Only flags from behaviour tree is used from resolution code and timeout decided in place (code). Dynamically created AI does not support easy configuration. All my hacking around end in nowhere.

But now towers instantiated and use behaviour tree to damage enemy:

Some bugs spotted and will be squashed in near future. But this is progress. Heavy cruiser comes to life.

When we implement horizontal nanolathe it will be ready to fight. But we need to introduce heavier armor plates and shields. Also - anti missile system must have.

But how to make them: drones or small lasers? Boids of drones look fun, but we use it for attacking (in plans droid tower, that grows into more powerful fighter drones towers) as seen in StarWars in federation ships.

Unity is great tool and RAIN good addition. But you must know quirks and how to overcome them.

But I have strange behaviour of Unity Rigidbody 2D system:

I decide laser stacking and overlaping in previous game version. Problem was in lower weight of tower (when tower with 1000 kg placed over 1kg - it overlaps entire tower below). But now I have comparable weights (2000 and 10000 kgs), but towers seems to overlap again.

Maybe problem in placement?

I will figure out it later.