понедельник, 6 апреля 2015 г.

Basic towers and upgrades now works with RAIN AI

Glad to announce, that our main tower pack now is working on RAIN AI.

We switch to RAIN for more interesting abilities, like dynamically move-in/out enemies in complex patterns (like ballet of death). And ability to tune AI logic in editor is priceless. When we can do same thing in editor, our AI can be introduced also.

But now, RAIN{indie} is enough for our goals. Sensors is interesting. And I like to stress test it.

Here is result:

Many lasers towers working and not lagging. RAIN proves itself. It's quirks overcome and mental model sometimes hard to understand. But it works.

I do not know, why Unity  squash and overlap my cannons? Maybe this is limitation of Box2D. Maybe we need another physic engine?

Wish to solve this issue as soon as possible.