вторник, 28 апреля 2015 г.

Heavy missile launchers and nukes

We draw heavy missile launchers (static and turret mounted) and introduce some heavy rockets.

As seen in picture above (work in progress) we have large missile launchers and missiles. We need to make three types of missiles: nukes, cluster baby nukes and swarm missile launchers. Big missiles will be slow and self guiding, and swarm missiles flight straight forward with small course correction.

Static launchers will fire heavy missiles: nukes and baby nukes. For next shot need energy to produce new missile in slot. Control of launch is on user.

Swarm missile launchers consume energy for producing big swarm (10-20 missiles per launch) and has cooldown for refresh loadout of missiles.

All rotable (turret mounted) missile launchers has swarm launcher on it. 

среда, 22 апреля 2015 г.

Cumulative shells and static heavy cannons made

We implemented cumulative shells and heavy static cannons.
Now armor is not enough to defend internals of ship. We will implement energy shield to deal with these threat. Enemies also will use heavy cannons and shields.

You can see it in action:

As in military cumulative shells - first armor plate almost unhurt, but internal structure is combusted in flames. We implement four types of cumulative shells: small, medium, big and huge. And their respective cannons: 1x2,3,4 and 2x4.

Ax4 modules will be used in dreadnought. Heavy cruiser only capable to use modules up to Ax3.

Ludum dare game made in weekend

I have to announce, that participation in Ludum Dare #32 give interesting feedback and make inspiration for another upgrade for BoomTris.

Here is a link to LDCompo page: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=50107

 Game is very simple. Catch a bombs and dodge plasma balls. You must stand until 90 seconds is over or ally destroy all enemy ships.

Enemy ships is simply as in 'Alien Invaders'. Moves from left to right but not descending.

My goal is to make game as tense as possible without losing fun and game replayability.
Ally bot is randomly choose actions and one time it can destroy all enemies within 30 seconds, another time goofing around and silly lose lives. This can add replayability.

One fun thing about it happens: when I make game and test it, no more than 4-5 houses is alive (something damaged). But my friend tester after second play can save 9 of 9. It was ridiculous.

Ludum dare get to me interesting feeling about gamedev in two days. Very powerful feeling when you can finish and send game to public.

Indie game devs very supportive. All criticism is constructive. They said about flaws and plusses in a way, that can provide with inspiration about upgrading game.

Game idea will be on hold, until BoomTris is out.

And Ludum Dare is pretty good. I wish to go for next one.

пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

New cannon shells

We decide to make new shells for more interesting gameplay. Currently we make flak shells and armor piercing. Working on cumulative one.

More powerful cannons now can rip enemy to pieces in seconds. We must make more versatile enemies to withstand this damage. And it will be fun.

You can see how it work in action:

понедельник, 13 апреля 2015 г.

Sorry about absence.

I have recovered from flu and now can work on game again. Thank you for patience. We have many great ideas: bigger weapons, ships and modules.

And one thing - crafting system with blueprints (as seen in minecraft/craft the world). And blueprints will be scattered around the world and can be bought and sell in market.

Shield generator introduced

We make shield generator 1x1 and (1x2, 2x2) introduced. Images drawn and logic implementing.

Difficult thought - decide how shield generator take damage. Will it halve damage or take all damage completely to itself.

Heavy cannons drawn

For our composition engine we need to provide multiple cannons and modules with scale 1x2 to 4x4.

We think about composition as in minecraft - multiple modules of same kind and some other will combine into more powerful weapon.

As seen in image before - heavy cannons has two kinds: static and rotating (heavy turrets). Biggest one uses support turrets on hull - laser as in 2x4 fixed cannon and autocannon for 4x4 heavy turret.

понедельник, 6 апреля 2015 г.

Basic towers and upgrades now works with RAIN AI

Glad to announce, that our main tower pack now is working on RAIN AI.

We switch to RAIN for more interesting abilities, like dynamically move-in/out enemies in complex patterns (like ballet of death). And ability to tune AI logic in editor is priceless. When we can do same thing in editor, our AI can be introduced also.

But now, RAIN{indie} is enough for our goals. Sensors is interesting. And I like to stress test it.

Here is result:

Many lasers towers working and not lagging. RAIN proves itself. It's quirks overcome and mental model sometimes hard to understand. But it works.

I do not know, why Unity  squash and overlap my cannons? Maybe this is limitation of Box2D. Maybe we need another physic engine?

Wish to solve this issue as soon as possible.

воскресенье, 5 апреля 2015 г.

суббота, 4 апреля 2015 г.

Factory concept drawn

We drawn factory concept. Our testers likes simplistic way of our concept images and try to defend them against full 3d background. But we will play with some images and see if it fits nicely.

They come with ridiculous idea - to have two skins for our game. But we decide to stick with one of theme and make game better, instead of drawing things twice.

RAIN AI for laser complete

We switch to new AI. All quirks overcomed and problems decided. Now lasers use this ai to track and fire down enemy targets.

пятница, 3 апреля 2015 г.

Physics 2D problem solved

We find solution for physics 2d. Mass does not affect overlapping. But when we played with physics 2d settings, towers fit to place. And final touch - change time scale for physics fixed update resolution (Edit->Project Settings->Fixed Timestep) to 100Hz (0.01).

But we have small problem and it will be solved in behemot ship. When many of towers interact it will wobble and squizzy. 

четверг, 2 апреля 2015 г.

We write some story for first scenes.

Our story is dramatic and with some interesting twists: Story (draft)

We show why in first place player needs to destroy these pirates. And who lives in this world.

Factory backgrounds concept done

Our artist make concepts for factory backgrounds. Now he work on painting them.

Our game mostly static and placed on one screen, so backgrounds is very important part of gameplay. They give player feeling to journey in some interesting places.

We think about scrolling background, but it too much work for our artist. He draw by hand and big landscape can take too much time. If he say, he can make it, then we can make more interesting story in game talked by level itself.

среда, 1 апреля 2015 г.

Laser AI is done (again) with RAIN, but we have some strange physics problems

After all I decide problem with RAIN AI. Only flags from behaviour tree is used from resolution code and timeout decided in place (code). Dynamically created AI does not support easy configuration. All my hacking around end in nowhere.

But now towers instantiated and use behaviour tree to damage enemy:

Some bugs spotted and will be squashed in near future. But this is progress. Heavy cruiser comes to life.

When we implement horizontal nanolathe it will be ready to fight. But we need to introduce heavier armor plates and shields. Also - anti missile system must have.

But how to make them: drones or small lasers? Boids of drones look fun, but we use it for attacking (in plans droid tower, that grows into more powerful fighter drones towers) as seen in StarWars in federation ships.

Unity is great tool and RAIN good addition. But you must know quirks and how to overcome them.

But I have strange behaviour of Unity Rigidbody 2D system:

I decide laser stacking and overlaping in previous game version. Problem was in lower weight of tower (when tower with 1000 kg placed over 1kg - it overlaps entire tower below). But now I have comparable weights (2000 and 10000 kgs), but towers seems to overlap again.

Maybe problem in placement?

I will figure out it later.

Weird logic in RAIN

Why I can not use game object? Why I need to check internal object to work with?

When I make all config by hands it works, but when I try to instantiate it - suddenly strange things happen. Core gameobject, that shoot enemies (tower) is undefined. But why? I only set it up in code before activation.

Inet say, that here is another method - use gameObject update (PlayerTower) script to find, when need to attack. But when I make it - RAIN make me attack it constantly.

Something wrong with timers. Simply as is: wait 1sec before attack, set attacking variable, wait some attack time and reset it back. Nothing difficult. But my tower fire twenty times in a row.

Why so strange behaviour? Preferrably we need another AI system if I can not overcome RAIN weirdness today.

RAIN AI is buggy

When trying to make from prefab entity - it is undetected by ai sensors. But I only copy it from prefab.

Then I delete it, make new prefab and ai can sense it. But when I try to make ai from prefab, it not works.

Why so difficult work for dynamic content? I do not like games with static content. They are repetetive and boring.

Maybe there is a way to make AI working from dynamic prefabs? I look at Rival Theory site.

But it is very embarassing and dishonest. When you use library, you expect it working out of box. Tweaking and nailing is not good practice at all.

If dynamic prefab AI can not work, I will fall back to my own. At least it always works.