среда, 25 марта 2015 г.

Problem with beamers

We think, that beamers too powerful. But their static nature and second column of placement make some problems to solve:

1. Does enemies need to be moved on screen (in closed path or random wandering)?
2. How to (realistically) use beam behind armor?
3. Do we need drain energy from ship when using beamers? If so - how user decide when to use them?
4. Currently beamers is very powerful, which kind of boss we need to balance it?
5. Beamers long warm up time get fast moving targets out of sight before being hit. This is feature or need to be fixed?
6. Will beamers break throught shield?


1. We decide, that enemies will be moving in circles on screen.

When it will be implemented, they will be move by more complex trajectories. Speed of enemy defined by their mass: smaller - fly faster, heavier - slower.

Really heavy enemies, like cruisers will only wander in short distance. It fill entire enemy place and need to be handled with care.

2. Beamers will spawn beam tunnel in armor (with animation).

This decision can help with realism and balance at once. Beamers will shoot behind armor (turrets mounted above armor), but limit armor pieces, that can be placed in ship. Player will decide - use heavy weapons and lose armor, or use multiple turrets and have greater armor plating.

3. Beamers will not drain energy.

This is hard decision to do. If weapons drain energy, then generators is more pleasant to use, but when I can not spawn module, when I think it will be available - frustration come to meet. Weapons fire erratically and easier cut energy generation by each weapon, than drain energy from pool.
Humans not so good in prediction in volatile environment and it will punish player: "You dumb, can not predict time and place... e.t.c."

I dislike it. Maybe weapons will drop energy production a little (and it will be displayed in price as well). This make game more predictable and fun.

4. Balancing boss is simple - ship like player have, but smaller, or with dumb AI

Heavy ship can make more difficulty to overcome, than fleet of smaller ships. Heavy cruiser have 3x9 weapon slots, and 27 lasers can shoot any normal fleet of small ships. Cannons and rockets is more powerful and can use on heavy enemy. But beamers will make lasers usable against them also.

5. Long warm up time is feature.

Fighter can fly before beamer can warm up. But beamer will shoot in any case. This can make interesting effect - wall of beams and small ships have trouble to work with it - move from one to come to another (Scilla and Haribda). Beamers will be tuned to fire by command and if they heat up - firing will be done either (shorter, than for enemy).

6. Heavy beamers (2,3 and more rows) will penetrate shields.

Smaller beamers will be weakened by shield, but heavy one destroy shields as missile do. Only very heavy shield can lower damage.