среда, 25 марта 2015 г.

Heavy cannons and missiles

We look at beamers and like it. Now we decide to make heavy cannons and missiles.

They will be fixed, and shoot straight. But cannon have heavy shell. And missile will lock on target. Heavy shell will penetrate armor and hit two (for basic heavy cannon) and three (for ultra heavy cannon) blocks behind of it with cumulative charge.

Missiles will lock on target for lifetime (3-7 seconds), but move slower than short range rockets. Fighters will move out of range of it. This make more emergent design.

When missile explodes, it will spawn swarm of debris with high velocity. They will hit targets farther than explosion itself.

Missiles can be configured: explodable, corrosive (acid or nanoclouds)
Shells can be configured: armor piercing, shrapnell (after some time they explode and barrage of chunks fly faster towards enemy), self propelled (more damage to first enemy module)