вторник, 24 марта 2015 г.

Beam weapons concept

Our artist make beam weapon concept. We now working on implementing their logic in game.

As seen in image - all weapons is multiblock and fit minimum in fregate. Heavy cruiser perfectly fits for it. Last two weapons introduced for dreadnought and behemot.

Blueprints for them in development. Multiblock weapons must be generated by smaller tier. This provides step by step construction of heavy weapons. Time - is very important resource in game.
If we cut it, weapons may be overpowered.

All beam weapons have damage multiplier, that grows with time. It is simulate heating buildup.
When weapon destroy one enemy module, damage multiplier will be droped to 1.0 again for next.

Weapons shoot for prolonged period of time.  More powerfull shoot longer. But cooldown time also greater for it.