среда, 18 марта 2015 г.

Beam weapons as more powerfull weapons

We like how deathstar in StarWars exploded entire planet in one shot. In many titles - beam weapons very powerfull.

This comes to idea - horizontal lasers will be beam weapons. Two lasers make small beam tower, and up to four - most powerful one line weapon.

Then beam weapons can be combined with each other: L1 beam tower vertically combine to L2 beam tower, that can produce greater beam than two of them. L2 to L3 is almost logical step.

Instead packing towers to one place (as currently is) beam towers grow in height. L2 beam tower placed on two rows, and L3 on four.
This can help preventing overpowering ship too fast.

Space on ship is resource too, as energy. So we decided to limit it. This give player ability to choose: many small towers, or some limited count of powerful ones.

Plasma cannons also combine to more powerfull and static version of cannons.

When introducing this idea we faced problem. Beam weapons too powerful for turrets. So it will be fixed. But user must use all of loadout for maximum.

For this reason we think about ship movements. Player select beam tower, then click on enemy and ship figure out how to shoot this fixed weapon to desired spot.

First thing - rotate ship, but we use rigid bodies and normal phisics much. This can lead to overwrite all tower falling/placing logic. It can be done later. But now it is too pricey.

Second thought - move ship vertically. This can be done by zooming out camera when ship goes to border. Player want to see action.

It will be done.