четверг, 15 марта 2018 г.

Split composition and upgrade mechanics

For convenience, I decided to split upgrade and combination mechanics.
They use same blueprints but must be decided which one to use when templates intersect.

The previous decision about upgrade cards seems interesting, but I removed it for a speed of development. Balancing cards and making them usable (when more than 7 templates cards are placed on deck) is a very difficult task.
Maybe I later add this mode to a game for advanced players when I can decide how to balance and use them properly.

Development of this game is very time consuming though: learn unity, have free time to make progress and learn the business part.
But it is very encouraging and fun - when you see as your game played by others and review (to improve some aspect of it)

And card part of a game is grown itself. I see it as feature creep and cut away for the later time.

воскресенье, 25 февраля 2018 г.

Tower upgrades now based on blueprints

Old upgrading ability for towers (mk1-2-3 tiers) now works with blueprint facility, previously used only for big composite towers.

Fortunately code for checking and filling grid with new modules is agile enough to support this. Some debugging and now towers can be upgraded as combined to bigger one.

One old bug is pretty tedious though. I use basic matrix for blueprint and it uses coordinate system 0-n, but when it converted to grid coordinate system it must be changed to N-i. Maybe grid must have 0 not in left bottom corner and moved to left top one.

Next step to release on steam. When all blueprints will be tested and played thoroughly (maybe may 12-15) BoomTris will come to Steam Early Access.

I have some interesting ideas to develop: ship of any shape, match-3 mini game and more bigger towers and module types.

пятница, 26 января 2018 г.

Fixed bigger weapon spawning inplace

After some tweaking - a game is playable again. Now working on big towers spawners.

So strange feeling when you wrote this code half year ago and now it is unknown. As come from a different person.

Nonetheless, I resist urging to rebuild the game from current assets and restored it to working condition. Again :)

When this feeling comes: scrap and writes from scratch, only one existing decision - to relax and go to walk. After that - this only signs that you are very tired to fight with problems anymore.

After that - you only needed to work with the fresh mind only.

Now it works and looks fine. Will check how these big towers will improve or ruin the experience and balance them. Again :)

среда, 24 января 2018 г.

Trying to fix battle scene

After half year of relaxation from BoomTris I returns and find that all broken. This is surprised me too much. But nothing difficult - some tweaks and setup. All scripts here, scene setup is in place. Only settings dropped from game objects.

понедельник, 22 января 2018 г.

New main menu and character developed

Artist Svetlana Mironova https://vk.com/public160398486 created a character of captain Shon. Now I can use it in a visual novel module of game.

The new background is shown on the main menu.

понедельник, 15 января 2018 г.

Going to Humble Bundle

After spending some time filling steam forms decided to launch the game on Steam at 01.02.2018.
On other stores launch is closer - humble store https://www.humblebundle.com/g/boomtris
is ready. Gamejolt and itch.io sites also now support buying the game.

Decided to go to early access and finish the game as seen first place. Players suggestions also very appreciated.

вторник, 19 декабря 2017 г.

Finally going to Steam

Two days ago I claim a refund for steam greenlight and they considered it and returned the money. I paid for the steam direct entrance fee.

After filling forms now I wait for tax/identity checking process. And hopefully, after this week I can go to steam and publish game myself.

Maybe I should hire a freelancer to make for me beautiful gameplay trailer. I wish to make a game in early access for 5-6 months to polish it on feedback and make it good for everyone.

And my main composite mechanic will be debugged and run again.

Some level design and polishing for my game and it will be considered finished.

I tried to go away from BoomTris, but it has a very tight couple with me. And I return to it regularly. Maybe this is "sunken cost fallacy" has power over me or another issue?

Maybe I wish to complete it.

Currently, I work on Great Syphon franchise (Ship builder - the first part of it), but after so generous Steam/Valve I decided to move to their store anyway.

If all going well I will contact my 3d artist and pay him a wage for some period before we complete game.

Wishes to make players happy with my game.